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0  av AM Sturtevant · 1921 — Edith Smith Krappe: The Casina of Plautus and the prymskvida. Adolph B. Benson: Was Gustavus Vasa the First Ameri- can. Drama. Reviews. VOLUME VII. Plautus and Shakespeare: Two Brothers?

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Twenty-one of his plays are extant. derives from Plautus. For example, if Plautus added the theme of the wedding dinner (Lefkvre 319), then the culinary allusions in Olympio's trip to the fish market (491-503) must derive from Plautus. Cody provides a summary of scholarship on the relationship of Casina to its original; add now Lef6vre, Waltenberger, O'Bryhim, and Anderson (1993). "In sum, Plautus: Casina is an exceptional and extraordinary book.

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Bacchides, Casina, and Truculentus. edited by James Tatum translated from the Latin with an introduction and notes.

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Plautus casina

It is then discovered that Casina is really the daughter of Alcesimus, and the Audience is informed that she is to be given in marriage to Euthynicus. The Comedies of Plautus.

Plautus casina

The plot, which concerns the competition of a father and his son for the same girl and the various scurrilous tricks employed in the process, gives full scope to Plautus' inventiveness and richly comic language. The editors' aim is to establish the play as one of the liveliest of ancient comedies, and in their introduction and notes to make 2019-01-10 T. MACCI PLAVTI CASINA PERSONAE. OLYMPIO VILICVS CHALINVS SERVOS CLEOSTRATA MVLIER PARDALISCA ANCILLA MYRRHINA MVLIER LYSIDAMVS SENEX ALCESIMVS SENEX COQVOS TIBICEN ARGUMENTVM. Conseruam uxorem duo conserui expetunt.
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Plautus casina

Plautus' Casina - YouTube. Plautus' Roman comedy Casina, adapted by Wake Forest University students and performed at the 2013 convention of the North Carolina Junior Classical League. Plautus' Casina: An Explication 237 later in the play itself). Extraordinary care, however, is taken to set the proper atmosphere for such a plot.

11 jan · The History Plautus: Comedy Tonight. 4 jan · The History  Onisimus leucopis. ▫ Onisimus plautus. expand Boeckosimus plautus [objective synonym]. ▫ Boeckosimus Venus casina.
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Plautus casina

*. L. Lamiam, qui . . me . . unice diligebat . Plautus eller Plautus på latin, föddes i Sarsina, Umbrien (nu Italien), i det romerska riket.

The plot, which concerns the competition of a father and his son for the same girl and the various scurrilous  Pris: 480 kr. inbunden, 1976. Tillfälligt slut. Köp boken Plautus: Casina av Plautus Plautus (ISBN 9780521210416) hos Adlibris. Fri frakt. Alltid bra priser och  Plautus' Casina is a lively and well composed farce.
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S. 198— 201.) Lindqvist, Sune.